Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Strategic Priority #1: Membership Engagement

Strategic Goals:

  • Develop recruitment strategies for general members and prospective board members
  • Develop ways to increase the value of the association to its members
  • Establish effective ways to engage members
  • Develop ways to recognize the work of Board and Committee volunteers

Strategic Priority #2: Professional Development

Strategic Goals:

  • Provide professional development that is accessible, timely, and relevant
  • Deliver the annual conference in the format best suited for the current environment
  • Develop strategies to recruit speakers and presenters for PD events and the annual conference

Strategic Priority #3: Financial Stability

Strategic Goals:

  • Explore and pursue additional grant funding and potential sponsorship opportunities
  • Increase and retain membership

Strategic Priority #4: Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Goals:

  • Increase engagement and strengthen relationships with provincial, national and international TESL/TESOL associations and settlement organizations.
  • Strengthen relationships with post-secondary institutions and teacher-training programs.

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