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A New ESL Conversation Website-Real English Conversations

Real English Conversations provides ESL resources for both teachers and students that focus on developing stronger speaking and listening skills for the real-world communication. There are various free resources on the website (as well as paid options) that are helpful to students between the pre-intermediate and upper advanced levels including full lessons from their top-rated podcast.

A teaching tip to include CNC material to teach low level LINC Classes

A good way to review the Canadian map is to share material from the childminding room. Teachers do not need to develop their own puzzle and it is a good activity as a warm up. Ss in small groups will complete the Canada map together and review the name of the provinces, territories and its capitals or main cities. Visit the childimiding room to check materials or games that may be useful in your classroom. Liliana Dominguez(CLB1-2 Instructor at Saskatchewan Intercultural Association)

A Video Resource for Employment Related Language Programs

A useful video resource for our members and any institutions who are involved in pre-employment and other employment-related language programs. This is a video production originally shared by ISANS, an organization for immigrant settlement services in Nova Scotia.

Password: 123spider

English Language TV Series

CITY SASKATCHEWAN will be broadcasting a new ESL series that may be of interest to your organization or members.

This new series is a 120-episode, half-hour TV series that will be shown for the first time in this province. The series has been reviewed by and will be incorporated into the LINC program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. This is a great resource for newcomers to Saskatchewan who want to improve their English language skills – and will be of interest to learners at many levels. The episodes are segmented and cover many social, cultural and business topics and language skills.

Let's Talk English is a variety-style program with 6-7 features per episode designed to help viewers learning English improve their communication skills — speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar and cultural knowledge.

The series differentiates itself from traditional classroom resources by approaching lessons in a contemporary manner similar to the online videos and internet learning communities.

And Let's Talk English is more than just vocabulary. The show helps newcomers integrate into the community by developing soft skills — raising cultural awareness in North American behavior and customs.

WEDNESDAYS AT 2:00 pm and 2:30pm REPEATS FRIDAYS AT 1:00pm and 1:30pm – Channel info is below.

Location not listed? contact your cable provider for channel number

Jigsaw Instruction Videos

Two instructional videos.

The first one is 3 minutes and best for teachers who really are not familiar with how a jigsaw lesson works:

The second one is 9 minutes and best for teachers who want to learn how use a jigsaw most effectively or how to make their own:

New TESL Program at the University of Manitoba

Extended Education at the University of Manitoba launched a new program in 201, a Letter of Accomplishment in Teaching English as a Second Language (LOA: TESL 1).

Some exciting aspects of the new program include the following:

  • It is comprised of 100 hours of course content ranging from Fundamentals of Teaching English as a Second Languageto Teaching in Practice: Reading and Vocabulary to Resources Development and Integration, and 20 hours of a practicum for a total of 120 contact hours.
  • It is accredited by TESL Canada for Professional Standard One.
  • It is offered fully online, with the exception of the practicum which is offered face-to-face.
  • It can be completed in a minimum of two terms or up to a maximum of five years.

For more information on the program and courses, please visit their website.

SARN (Saskatchewan Action Research Network)

Our previous monthly blogs have focused on heroes/heroines that history has largely forgotten. But not this month. This month, our blog focuses on Jane Addams–a true EAL heroine remembered for helping establish the Settlement House movement in the U.S. which, in turn, helped thousands of the immigrants pouring into America in the early 20th century. Moreover, she is remembered for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her leadership for women's rights, worker's rights, the rights of children and her courageous fight to avoid World War I with Germany.

TED & USask Talk by Dr. Hyunjung Shin

Talk title: What a PhD couldn't teach me about diversity.

Dr. Hyunjung Shin, professor at University of Saskatchewan gives a talk on diversity. Dr. Shin was a session presenter at TESL Sask / SK TEAL Conference in Saskatoon in April, 2019. 

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