Destination Employment Program: Free Training

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Subject: Destination Employment Program (A message from Brenda Robertson, Workforce Development Consultant)

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to let you know that the following online Emerit training is free for Destination Employment participants. Email me (Brenda Robertson) to receive the “Account sign up” document with instructions on how to access the training.

If you have clients that you think would benefit from this training, please let them know and please ask them to sign up as a Destination Employment participant. Your clients will need to submit an application, participation agreement and consent form (email Brenda for copies). Then, clients can either forward their applications, participation agreements and consent form directly to me or Candy, or to you and you can forward to me.

I am hoping regular programming can start again soon.

The free online courses are listed below:

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Have a terrific day!

Brenda Robertson

Workforce Development Consultant


May 3, 2020 | Communications Chair

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