Free Training for Hospitality Workers via Tourism HR Canada

Nationally recognized training available - free. Details inside.

Emerit online training being offered free to end of June 2020

Message from:

Brenda Robertson

Workforce Development Consultant


Hi everyone, I’m so happy to let you know that Tourism HR Canada has decided to offer even more free online training from now to the end of June so if you have any clients wanting to up-skill, please direct them to the Emerit website

Emerit training is nationally recognized! I encourage you to go on the site and see what all is available. I know for example, all of the modules for bartender, event coordinator and manager, food and beverage server and manager, front desk agent, housekeeping room attendant, line cook, reservation sales agent, supervisor and tourism visitor information counsellor are available free right now!

Probably most relevant for those who are new to Canada and want to learn about the Canadian Workplace, the Canadian Workplace Essentials is also free right now. And the more in depth, Workplace Essentials is also available free of charge!

All of the Emerit training is available to anyone (Destination Employment participant or not). It’s a great opportunity for anyone!

I also wanted to add that Tourism Saskatchewan is offering “Service Best” online training free of charge until the end of June, so please direct people to this link.

May 3, 2020 | Communications Chair

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