ISSofBC NewTrack Client Management System coming to market soon

Dear colleagues (and for those of you leading provincial or regional umbrella associations feel free to forward this message to your respective membership)

You may recall that ISSofBC undertook a digital transformation process to develop an innovative client management system that would represent the diversity of settlement programming and easily interface with IRCC reporting requirements, etc. We built our solution on a Microsoft platform and are nearing the finish line (21+ months) for the main IRCC functionality modules - LINC, Settlement, Community connections-Volunteer, RAP, Employment. Realizing that most agencies will not have the resources and capacity to undertake such a process, ISSofBC is excited to announce that we have partnered with ISM Canada as our Managed Services Provider and Go To Market partner.

ISM Canada - an IBM Company

47 years of technology driven business outcomes through network, cloud, analytics, and managed IT services in Canada

ISM Canada (a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM Canada) is a trusted managed services provider providing fully managed end-to-end services. ISM has 800+ employees in Canada and has a national presence. Additionally, ISM Canada has a close working relationship with Microsoft and has earned the highest standards of Microsoft’s wide recognized partnership program. ISM is a Gold Microsoft partner.

We are working closely with ISM over the next few months to transition our system to a bilingual platform and ensure an operational cost model is available to any agency, regardless of size, that is interested in deployment and local customization. The option to amortize cost of implementation and managed services over term of contract will help overcome some of the traditional barriers to adoption.

Several agencies across Canada have already conducted independent evaluations of various potential solutions to their data base needs. Independent findings based on comparison of current database systems in the market have recommended NewTrack as the application for implementation. Settlement agencies in New Brunswick and a sister agency here in BC are some of the first adopters of NewTrack wishing to implement this year. With this in mind, if you are interested in exploring NewTrack for your agency, please feel free to contact Parm Sandhu, Program Director, Digital Transformation, at either [email protected] or call or text 1 604 831-5697.

Best wishes for this new year,


Chris Friesen | Director - Settlement Services
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January 19, 2021 | Communications Chair

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