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Information on workshops, professional development and features for those in the settlement sector.
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Issue #2 | January, 2020
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What's New

Having Agency outside your Agency: The Power of Activism - This OCASI webinar aims to discuss activism as leaders of our agencies from a new perspective, while gaining valuable tools and tips. Target audience: Executive Director and Managers.

Online Video: Local Immigration Partnerships: Collaboration Across Sectors
- This video profiles how two LIPS are using innovative partnerships to improve settlement outcomes.

Webinar Recording -
Accessibility for Manitobans Act: Webinar with Patricia Knipe - On January 29th, 2018, Patricia Knipe of the Disability Issues Office gave a webinar to MANSO member organization on the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. Watch this useful webinar recording.

Upcoming Webinar - A Brief Presentation about LGBTQ+ Rights and Status in the Middle East
 - This webinar will look at LGBTQ+ rights in the Middle East. The webinar is part of a series that give frontline workers the opportunity to learn and discuss how they can better serve immigrants, refugees and newcomers who identify as LGBTQ+.

Do you work with privately sponsored refugees? Join this discussion group!
- Michelle Ball, Project Coordinator for Allies in Refugee Integration (ARI), has created this group to share and discuss issues related to private refugee sponsorship.

Five Good Ideas about creating a psychologically safe workplace culture
 - Christine Yip, founder of Organizations for Impact, will share her own personal experience surviving and thriving in high-pressure work environments, as well as practical strategies individuals, managers, and organizations, can put into practice to “walk the talk” in creating psychologically safe workplaces.


A Parallel Report on Canada’s Implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action
- The report was produced by a network of more than 50 women’s rights and equality-seeking organizations, trade unions and independent experts representing millions of members from across the country.

Mental Health Promotion Guide for Agencies Serving Immigrants and Refugees in Ontario
- This guide is to help agencies in Ontario's immigrant and refugee serving sector develop a common set of policies and practices that promote refugee clients' mental health.

Preparing for Media Interviews - A Guide for Staff
 These guidelines are intended to help ISANS staff and clients feel informed and prepared when approached by media personnel. If your organization does not have media guidelines, you may find this resource useful.

Regional Focus
This month in Nova Scotia

Every month, we will highlight activity from different regions across Canada on the platform. This month, we are highlighting content from Nova Scotia on

Conference Program: ARAISA PD Trauma and Resilience - informed Approach to Mental Health
- 2019 ARAISA Professional Development on Trauma and Resilience- Informed approach to Mental Health Program.

Making Waves - Stories of Second-Generation Immigrants
 - Research has shown that children of immigrants, or second-generation immigrants, make invaluable contributions to our communities and are very successful in their educational pursuits and employment. Making Waves.

Immigration: It’s our strength, it’s our story
 - ISANS has developed a series of resources to empower newcomers and community members to have conversations about immigration. ISANS has developed a series of resources to empower newcomers and community members to have conversations about immigration.

January 18, 2020 | Communications Chair

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