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Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities September 2020
Dear TESL Canada Members,

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As we head into a new school year, we are pleased to share the following professional learning opportunities with you (please see below). Be sure to check here on the TESL Canada website also as we continue to add and update these online offerings.

We would also like to let you know that we have created a spot for each member on their profile where professional learning can be recorded and documented. You can access this by logging into your member profile on the TESL Canada website.
 September 18, 2020 at 2 pm MDT (4pm EST) - Improving Learner Self-Confidence in the LINC/ESL Classroom - FREE EVENT
Self-confidence is something ESL/EAL learners lack when they start the language learning journey. No matter what level they are, self doubt makes them feel that learning English is an uphill battle. In this webinar, Maria will share some ideas that can help them become more confident and consequently improve faster. In the first part of the session, we will explore some of the reasons why our learners are struggling and self-doubting while the second part will provide ideas on how to help them overcome the fear of failure so they become self-confident and successful.
Please be advised that there is a limit of 75 participants for this session.

September 22, 2020 at 3pm MDT (5 EST)- Debunking the Myth of “Lack of Transferable Skills”: Teaching Adult Literacy Learners

Adult learners with no formal education or with interrupted education fall under the non-literate or literacy learners category.  The assumptions about why these learners fall behind in most language learning programs are usually based on studies done decades ago, where they were characterized as not having transferable skills due to interrupted learning or no education, and therefore they normally take more time to learn any type of skill. 
While the latter part is true, there are other reasons why literacy learners take more time to progress or to keep up with their literate colleagues. Through hands-on activities and the most recent research in the field, the participants will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the literacy learners’ needs and what the teachers’ expectations should be.

The fee for this session (which is 90 minutes) is $30 per person.  Group rates are also available. To register, those interested can login to Tutela or send an email to [email protected]
September 29, 2020 at 3pm MDT (5pm EST)- Debunking the Myth of “Computer Literacy” in Adult Education Programs: Teaching Computer Skills to Adults vs. to Adult Literacy Learners
Teaching computer skills to adults in ESL/EAL classes is a challenging task in the best of circumstances.  Comments like teaching computer skills to ESL learners is an impossible task or “literacy learners” and “computer skills” don’t belong in the same sentence are the common reaction among ESL teachers, every time computer lessons are brought up. When it comes to teaching “computers” to non-literate learners, that challenge doubles or triples in scope.
After years of teaching adults in LINC programs and developing curriculum guidelines for a number of literacy programs in Calgary, Maria will demonstrate how easy it is to teach computer skills to adult literacy learners, no matter what the topic.  Through examples and demos, Maria will provide the participants with tools to take to their classroom, and to their learners, that will make learning “computers” fun.

The fee for this session (which is 90 minutes) is $30 per person.  Group rates are also available. To register, those interested can login to Tutela or send an email to [email protected]

October 15, 2020 at 2 pm MDT (4pm EST) - MD Millar Publishing: "Real World Tasks" in the time of COVID - CLB 5 tasks - FREE EVENT
The COVID pandemic has brought the ESL/EAL in-person learning to a standstill. Tens of thousands of learners of different CLB levels had to quickly learn to use technology that was never meant for this purpose and thousands of ESL/EAL teachers added a new skill to their resumes: online teaching. The introduction of the PBLA did not account for a crisis of this magnitude when it started basing teaching on “real world tasks”. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to dim out with the spikes in the number of cases, so online teaching will be the norm for some time to come.
So, how DO we still do the “real word tasks” in an online environment? Through examples and hands-on activities, Maria will help you figure out what the NEW “real world tasks” could look like and how to use them in the classroom, with little change or adaptation after the crisis is gone.
Please be advised that there is a limit of 25 participants for this session. Sessions for other CLBs are also available. For details on dates and prices, send an email at [email protected].

If you are a manager of a TESL Canada recognized program, please don't forget to send us your professional learning updates to [email protected].

Best regards,
Teri Fullerton

September 20, 2020 | Communications Chair

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