TESL Canada - Survey Regarding Accreditation

TESL Canada invites its members (TESL Sask members included) to complete a short survey on Standard Three Accreditation.
TESL Canada is reviewing the TESL Canada Teacher Professional Certification Standard Three. Specifically, we are reviewing the education requirements to determine if they need to be revised to reflect recent changes in English language teaching in Canada. We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete our survey.

If you have English language teaching colleagues who could also contribute to our data, but who are not members of TESL Canada, please forward this survey to them.

Thank you in advance for helping us make informed decisions about TESL Canada Teacher Professional Certification Standards.

Please follow the links below to complete the surveys:
TESL Canada Professional Certification Standard Three

TESL Canada Teacher Training Programs
December 9, 2019 | Communications Chair

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