Microteaching to build confidence and skills in speaking

The registration will be open on March 18, 2022

April 2022 PD Event:

Microteaching to Build Confidence and Skills in Speaking!

On April 9, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Are you interested in providing your learners a structured and safe opportunity to practice speaking and communication skills? If so, join this interactive workshop to learn how to include microteaching opportunities into your class. You will also learn about the BOPPPS model for lesson planning and speaking, which can be used by learners in their microteaching practice. To ensure you are building a safe and effective space, perhaps even a courageous space, for your learners, we will conclude the workshop by sharing norms and expectations for providing and receiving peer feedback, and discuss how best to facilitate learners to do this for one another.

Wenona Partridge's Bio

Wenona Partridge completed her MA in Philosophy and MEd in Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, and recently completed the Organizational Coaching Certificate through the University of British Columbia. Her interests include reflective practice, critical thinking, art and creativity in teaching and learning, and coaching and facilitation. She is an Instructional Skills Workshop and Facilitator Development Workshop facilitator, and she is currently teaching GPS 974: Graduate Professional Skills Certificate, GPS 984: Thinking Critically and the Reflective Teaching Portfolio Short Course. Wenona also supports national and international teaching award nominations.

March 14, 2022 | Jerry Wang

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