Now hear this!: Exploiting listening for grammar practice

December 08, 2023 @12:00-13:00 p.m. CST (via Zoom)

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Have you wondered how to make grammar practice more engaging and effective for language learners? Can listening be the key? In this presentation, we will explore the role of listening in grammar practice.

Grammar practice can make use of listening to develop automaticity in using a given grammar structure helping learners become more grammatically correct when speaking. However, to promote automaticity, grammar practice must be carefully designed. The analysis of grammar resources revealed that the goal of most grammar listening practice exercises is listening comprehension or noticing, and that there is room for improvement in terms of promoting automation. This presentation will offer valuable recommendations for developing grammar practice activities that promote the processing of form and meaning through listening. By implementing these recommendations in their practice, language educators can create an effective learning environment and help achieve grammar learning outcomes for their learners.

Presenters: Fiza Abedin

Fiza Abedin is a LINC Instructor and PBLA Lead Teacher. She has been teaching LINC for 8.5 years and recently completed her MEd in TESL from the University of Alberta. She is currently teaching CLB 4/4L online at NorQuest College.

November 17, 2023 | Jerry Wang

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